Our Worship Ministry is a ministry focused on glorifying God through music, art, and media. Since Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior we seek to communicate the good news about salvation in Him and the riches of God’s truth that we find in the Bible. While worshiping includes much more than singing, we take joy in the unity of lifting our voices to God corporately. We sing using a variety of musical styles ranging from hymns to contemporary worship songs.

Where can I serve in Worship Ministry?

Our weekend and weekday serving opportunities include: Sunday Morning Worship, Wednesday Evening Worship, Worship with the Children’s and Teen Ministries, Seasonal Events and Choirs, Stage Setup, Sound and Multimedia Technicians.

If you are interested in joining our Worship Ministry contact our Worship Leader, Ryan Amaradio at:

Phone: 626-332-3075

Email: [email protected]